Island Girls Abroad: Let's Explore The Globe With Our Community

Island Girls Abroad: Let's Explore The Globe With Our Community

Hey island girl, are you tired of the daily routine of life? Do you want to explore new places, try new cuisines, and meet new people? If so, you're not alone! Many people around the world crave adventure and long for the opportunity to travel. But with so many destinations to choose from, where do you even start? And if you've never been abroad before, HOW do you even start? That's where Our Island Family comes in. This incredible community of likeminded women are exploring this wide and wonderful world of ours and packing us in their suitcase filled with pure cotton clothing... 5,4,3,2,1, Let's Go!

Why travel is crucial for personal growth and development

   Traveling is not just about seeing new places. When you travel, you step out of your comfort zone and experience new things. You learn about different cultures, ways of life, and perspectives. I truly believe, travel has been the most transformative experience that continues to change my outlook on life.
The island girls in our community, truly understand the value of travel. That's why they continue to encourage and inspire us to explore the world and step out of our comfort zones. They believe that travel can help women discover their true selves and build confidence! Do you agree? 

The inspiration behind Our Island Family

   I founded Our Island Family during the Covid lockdowns of 2020. I was feeling so far removed from all of my friends from around the world and missing travel and my yearly trips to USA for tradeshows. But despite being on a different continent from the majority of my West Indies Wear friends, I wasn't alone. There were hundreds of you in the exact same boat (pun intended). I still remember starting the Facebook group, thinking: "No one is going to care about my old travel journals. No one is going to tune into these Facebook lives. This is silly." But, I was so wrong. What I found was that by sharing my stories, I was able to form friendships that I would never have otherwise found. To build a community between likeminded women who otherwise would never have met. To document my adventures, yes. But, more importantly, to keep our adventurous streaks alive despite being stuck at home.


Top destinations for women travelers

Our community of island girls have visited some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From Bali to Belize, they have explored a range of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. But what are their absolute favourite destinations? The short answer: anywhere that has sunshine, sandy toes and vitamin sea, of course!! Now, buckle in and prepare to get itchy feet while we explore the globe with these island girl friends...

Let's go traveling!!

Millie M. in Bermuda ~ "This dress was very popular in Bermuda and I was a walking advertisement for West Indies Wear! I wish I had a suitcase full, I would have set up shop! It’s a winner, Kim!"
Mary W. in Vegas ~ "Fun weekend in Vegas, kept cool in WIW!"
Tammi G, in St. Michaels, Maryland ~ "Just a girl living her life in her lovely island wear!!! 💙🌴😎 From The Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival in St Michael’s Maryland, wearing my lovely Ocean Floor Tunic Dress!! I told Kim I should of had a sign on my back saying “this dress is from West Indies Wear” because I had so many people complementing me on the dress!!! Don’t mind the wind blown hair….it was windy by the water that day!!"
Lizzy A. in Fiji ~ "Last night in our slice of paradise and invited ourselves to the Fiji tourism expo event! 🥰 Was epic and all in front of our room along the waterfront!😍 Strolled out in my sea garden periwinkle tunic dress feeling very festive! 💜"
St Maarten

Sherry S. in St Maarten ~ "We’ve been trying to go to St Maarten for over 5 yrs .. I’m so glad we made it.. fell in love with the people and beauty of it . This dress made me feel fun , flirty and sassy. Great dress to slip on at a resort to head down for breakfast and throw a swim suit on underneath it … for pool time later"


Wendy B in Budapest ~ "Casual and comfy, wash and wear. Best travel clothes everrrrr."

How fun was that?! I truly believe that by sharing our stories, we can encourage other women in our community to travel and explore the world (especially to warm locations).... An Our Island Family Facebook group is the perfect place for likeminded island girls to hang out! With stunning photos, engaging stories, and practical tips, this community is a valuable resource for women who love to travel. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a novice explorer, Our Island Family will inspire you to pack your bags and set off on your own adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today and make sure you take us along for the ride...
One love,
Kim Van Loo
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