Keeping Comfortable Despite The Heat

Keeping Comfortable Despite The Heat

Keeping Comfortable Despite The Heat

Summer is here and it's definitely making itself felt.  The days seem to get hotter and hotter every year.  It's not always easy to have FUN, when the heat turns you into a hot mess, and we all lead such busy lives that we have no spare time lingering in front of our wardrobe picking out the perfect outfit.

It can be so difficult to maintain your sense of style, especially when the tropical weather makes you feel like sweaty and frazzled. 

After all those years in the Caribbean, I learnt the hard way which fabrics and styles are best suited for the heat. Lucky for you, planning your summer wardrobe can be easy with our stylish clothing made up of 100% breathable cotton fabric, designed specifically to keep you cool.


Here are my top 3 recommendations for items to keep you cool in 2022. 


1. Tobago Cotton Tunic Dress

Our Tobago Tunic Dress, with its tunic-style fit, flattering V-neckline, and length just above your knees, is the perfect outfit for a day out in the tropics. 
The lightweight cotton fabric does not cling to bumps and breathes so your sweat can easily evaporate from your skin, keeping you cooler for longer. 
By wearing this Tobago Cotton Tunic Dress, you can keep cool this summer knowing you have chosen style, comfort, and fabrics made to help you relax in style.

2. Anguilla Cotton Top

Have you ever worn synthetic fabrics and felt like a sweaty mess in the summer heat? If so, You will absolutely love how breathable, flattering and comfortable this top is to wear, especially in the summertime. 
Our modern, Anguilla Cotton Top is loose in the back, with large pleat details, made with soft fine cotton. The top looks great with our linen pants and the print even matches the cute hand embroidered starfish on the pants. 


3. Linen Beach Pants

These pants are a generous cut, loose and comfortable. They’re versatile, working well with just about all the island tops or tee's in our collection. The side split can be tied on the side to shorten them or create a different casual look. 
The fabric is a medium-weight pure linen fabric that breathes and lets the heat escape from your skin, so you will be less sweaty.... but not so lightweight that they are see-through. You will also love the pockets and the wide elastic waist.
You deserve to feel good about yourself, even when it is
90 degrees Fahrenheit and excruciating humidity.
Welcome to the home of heat busting fashion!

One Love x





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