Let's help Neva with her dog rescues

Let's help Neva with her dog rescues

One of the first boutiques who ever bought my new line of resort wear back in 2008 was Mango Beach Shop in Rincon, PR.


Milena had lived in the Caribbean for years, but she was always rescuing the poor doggies on the island, so she decided to open a boutique to raise money for her rescues.



I wrote this blog post about Milena late last year.  Click here to read it.  Cute family hey.  So Milena's love of helping animals rubbed off on her kids, and now her eldest Daughter Neva is doing the hard work.


Last week I read this FB post that Neva's sister Karina wrote about her.

Many of you know about my sister Neva and her nonprofit organization but I would like to introduce her to those who don’t!
Growing up in Puerto Rico, animals are a part of every day life. But sadly it’s often not the life they deserve. Our mother Milena was one of the first to be known as a “dog lady” in our town of Rincón.
We grew up in a house full of rescues, many of them badly injured and defeated. It was amazing to see how fast they would come back to life! I can’t even remember all the animals that came and went in our house. Sometimes there was heartbreak, but we reminded ourselves that “you can’t save them all”.
But we try our best!!!!!
My mother has retired (mostly!) from rescue, but Neva has dedicated her life to it. It’s a heavy burden for anyone. She never ceases to impress me!!
To understand the situation... Puerto Rico has an estimated 400,000 stray animals. Most of them suffer slowly surviving in the streets and abandoned areas on the island. They continue to breed creating a never ending cycle of strays. It’s painful for anyone who has a heart to live here and deal with it in a daily basis.
There is also a problem with owned pets who’s owners who want to but simply can’t afford to sterilize them.
Neva has started the Puerto Rico dog fund in 2018. They have organized with the help of incredible volunteers, mass island wide free spay and neuter programs. They hold them several times a year all around the island.
The have sterilized 52,171 animals to date!!!!
This is the only effective long term way of helping cut back the stray animal population.
In order to continue this incredible program she needs our help!


Ok lets do a little fundraiser to help her.... 

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Excellent cause for dogs and I love my rescue dog found in the streets of the south. I also have many coverups which I love to where at the beach at the Jersey Shore.

Dawn WAll

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