Meet My Mum

Meet My Mum

Meet my Mum Happy Hour.  Meet Laurie Van Loo, the mum of the Caribbean sailing designer behind West Indies Wear ...... "Don't get married young" she said. "Go travel the world first" she said.... so that's exactly what I did.

I left home at 24 with my little sister Cristi, and together we went on some crazy adventures all over the world. My travels ended up lasting 16 years. My poor mum, how proud she was, but also how she wished I would just come home!

Here is the video....

Here is mum playing in the beautiful turquoise waters of St.Maarten with my baby girl Maya.  Wouldn't we just love to be swimming in that water right now!



Click here to see mum's favorite items for this season. From beachwear outfits to the shops.... mum covers up but still looks like a 70+ cutie.


Thanks for coming to chat with us Mum xx



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