SUMMER.... Ready... Set.... GO

SUMMER.... Ready... Set.... GO

Happy Memorial Day island friends.  Thank goodness for summer!

What does that mean for your life.... the start of summer I mean?

Here in Australia it means changing the clocks by one hour for daylight savings.  Long summer days that go on forever, after school swimming, weekends in the pool, BBQ's by the pool, sundowners by the pool.  Here is a drawing I found that my 6 year old daughter had done last summer.

Yes in my family it is all about the pool.  That fairly much sums it up.

In our old Caribbean days, the onset of summer meant having a rest from the crazy busy high-season winter months.  January, February and March were just so so busy in St.Maarten.  I was running a chain of gift shops with 16 stores all located in hotel or cruise ship area's.  There were days with 10 cruise ships in town, and the whole island was BUSY, everyone was making money and it was exciting.  The island was buzzing.

At the end of high season it felt like the whole island breathed a sigh of relief.  We were all exhausted.  The weather got HOT, but more because the tradewinds seemed to disappear.  The days become STILL STILL STILL, not a breath of breeze.  The sea becomes a mirror and the most spectacular turquoise.  Stunning!

There are less crowds, less traffic and everyone is less busy, so there is more time to catch up with family and friends.  Sadly, summer in the islands also means HURRICANES!  SO many of our friends in the islands were badly affected by hurricanes last year, so this summer, they feel like they haven't had a chance to recover yet, and they are certainly NOT ready for another one!  In my next blog I am going to update you on our how our island friends are doing now.  

For now I want to know what SUMMER means for you!  I asked my sister Amy - a once "island girl" who grew up, got married and now lives in the warmth of OREGON !  Here she is wearing our Aloha Skirt in Oregon style...looks so cute with a denim jacket.


Amy's reply to my question about Memorial Day being the start of summer, was to send me this screenshot....

Huh ????  I have never heard of this rule before!  I have done some research though apparently its a "thing"!!  According to a few different articles the rule was established in the early 1900's.  There were the respectable families of "old money" who made up some fashion rules amongst themselves.  If a woman of "new money" arrived at a society event in an extra expensive frock that happened to have the wrong sleeves, they would know not to speak with her. 

Another article talks about high society spending the winters in the city wearing their more formal dark coloured wardrobe, but the summers at their seaside "cottage" wearing their "lighter, whiter, summer outfits".  The rule stated that white was not to be worn after Labor Day, throughout the winter until Memorial Day.  

The ultra-rich wore only WHITE in summer, the "light clothing gave the look of leisure, while dark clothing was mostly for working people."  

I love this article that explains the origins of the rule, but also says that most of the (American) designers at the time lived in NYC.  It was hard to keep your whites white in mid-winter NYC in the early 1900's.  "Since designers reigned in the fashion world, what they said went!".  That's the bit I like, ha ha!

"There were always trend-breakers, though. The most famous one being Coco Chanel, who insisted on sporting her bright, white outfits year-round" , well she was French wasn't she!

Tell me what you guys think about this rule, do you save your whites for summer?

I am wondering how many winter trade shows I have attended over the years in my "fashion faux-pas" favorite white pants and bright coloured tunics?

OH WELL, let's celebrate the arrival of SUMMER, and remember to wear WHITE to fulfill your look of "millionaire leisure" this summer.

One love x

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