Nautical Jewelry LOVE

Nautical Jewelry LOVE

Being the social media snoop that I am, I came across this line of beautiful nautical jewelry which I just loved.  I started talking to the designer and we worked out a way that I could include her gorgeous jewelry on our website.  Click here to find it.  I had to know more about this talented lady, so I asked Jen to send me some photos of herself and her workspace to share with you guys "our island family".... what she sent me was just as adorable as her jewelry.....

Introduce yourself:

I’m Jen from Nautical Wheeler Jewelry and I handcraft nautical and beach inspired jewelry for mermaids and salty souls.

Where do you work from?

I work from home and live in New England (USA).  Since I started working from home, it's always been important to me to make my office a beautiful space that I want to be.  I've decorated my office space with items that inspire me like seashells, driftwood and other treasures I've found at the shore.

How did you get into jewelry making?

I grew up in a family where most people work or have worked in the jewelry industry.  This definitely made an impression on me as a young girl.  It's also interesting because when I was growing up, I realized that most people didn't have the same experiences that I did.  I remember one Christmas, an uncle (who's a gemologist) pulled me aside to explain that when a man proposes to me, how I could accurately grade the diamond in the engagement ring if I didn't happen to have a magnifier on me.  Keep in mind I was only 6!

How long have you been making jewelry?

I’ve been doing metalwork for about 6 years but jewelry making for well over 10 years!  

What's behind your shop's name, Nautical Wheeler?

I wanted a name that rang true to who I was and what I loved.  A nautical wheeler is a person who builds ships and is a sailor at heart.  Having spent most of my childhood on boats and out at sea this expression really spoke to me.

What is your jewelry making process like?

My process starts with an inspiration.  Sometimes all it takes is seeing something old in a new way and it ignites a creative spark.  I'll usually sketch out several ideas and once I've narrowed them down I'll get started on actually creating the pieces.  Lately I've been into the lost-wax casting technique.  Every detail of the piece is carved and formed by hand.  This process can take anywhere from 20 - 60 hours per piece, depending on the size and amount of details.  Once a piece is finished, it's sent to the caster's and the wax piece is turned into Sterling silver.  Once I pick it up from the caster, I'll go ahead and give it a good hand-polish and add any finishes that have been requested before sending it off to the customer.

Where does the inspiration for your jewelry come from?

At a very young age, I fell in love with the beach.  It's that love that inspires me on a daily basis.  I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and spent most Summers on Vancouver Island.  Every day I would go to the beach or out on the boat and was always surrounded by the salt air.  It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with the beach but I still feel a very strong connection to the shore.

Words to live by:

The quote that has most inspired me is this one from Roald Dahl, “I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life.  If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed.  Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it.  Lukewarm is no good.”

I am sure I am not alone in LOVING this gorgeous girl and her lovely jewelry art.  I think this is the most perfect addition to your summer vacation wardrobe, or take on an island cruise this upcoming winter!

You will find it on our website here.

One love x

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