NEW summer essentials

NEW summer essentials

One of the most exciting new additions to our line for Summer 2019, are our JUTE bags.  I have never done a bag using jute before, as we normally do our cotton printed bags, but I do love the strength and durability of raw jute.  What exactly is jute anyway?

 Jute is a natural vegetable fibre that is one of the strongest natural fibres around, it comes from the CORCHORUS PLANT, which is commonly found in India and Bangladesh.  The plant grows fully within 5-7 months, it is a rain-fed crop that needs no fertiliser to thrive.  Here is a photo of the plant, and you can read more about it if you click here.

Jute is such a strong fibre it is most commonly used to make rope, twine, rugs, chair covers, sacks, hessian cloth, carpets & even the backing for linoleum. I love this photo of the cultivated fibres hanging out to dry.  I found it on the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations website.  

Here is a screen shot of my pinterest finds when I searched for jute furnishings.

I love that natural look, and actually have a jute rug in my own living room.  It is strong and durable.  Jute is also the fibre used on the sides of espadrille sandals which have come and gone in fashion over the years.  Have you ever owned some espadrilles?  I remember buying some in Miami around 1996, and I bought another pair last year.... hmm 22 years later.   Isn't fun when you see fashion come around again.  I love this article about the history of espadrilles in Vogue.

Here is Coco Chanel at the beach in her signature pearls, sailor hat and espadrilles around 1930.


 In recent years with the invasion of synthetic fibres and plastics on our planet, jute has been re-discovered as an eco-friendly material for shopping bags.  I just couldn't resist combining my Tango Print and eco-friendly raw jute.  Click here to see the video I made yesterday to show you our new Tango Jute Bags.

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