How to upgrade your vacation in one simple step....

How to upgrade your vacation in one simple step....

Happy New Year island friends !

Let me help you plan a perfect vacation.

Don't you just LOVE the possibility of an incoming new year.  Have you set your goals?  Do you have some exciting adventures planned?  With so many of our friends heading south to the islands in February & March, I decided to create a special 10 day VACATION UPGRADE program for you all.  It's totally free, and I hope it helps you to plan and create an amazing vacation.

..... and if you stick with us for the full 10 day program, you will be in the running to win a $200 island wardrobe.  There are 5 of these $200 vouchers up for grabs, so 5 island friends will be heading off to paradise in clothing that is perfectly suited to the tropics.

It's a win-win.

I know from my 10 years living in the Caribbean that February and March were the craziest busiest months on the island.  A lot of my time in the Caribbean I lived in St.Maarten, which many of you will have been to or be planning to visit.  Some days in February and March there would be 9 ships in port.  Now if there are a few thousand people on each ship, thats quite an influx of people onto one teeny tiny little 37 square mile piece of land.  What are all those people going to do for the day?

Island residents love the excitement of these days, they know they are going to make money on those 9 ship days, and they will be stocking up and getting ready.  I loved to wake up and wander outside to our deck to have my morning coffee and watch the ships arrive.

So if you or anyone you know, is planning an island getaway in 2017, I am offering this FREE 10 day series of emails with advice and "how to's".

I will cover things such as....

* How to cope with driving on the island

* How to deal with "island time"

* How to dress for different scenario's (beach, dinner, markets)

* How to prepare your family for a boat trip

And then after 10 days you get a chance to win our Island Wardrobe Giveway.  This program & giveaway is open to our "island friends only" ... that means you must be on our MAILING LIST.  You possibly already are.... if not join by entering your email address into our NEWSLETTER tab at the bottom of the HOME page. It looks like this....

If you have friends traveling soon, be sure to tell them to join too!

Good luck island friends x 


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