Packing For A Cruise...

Packing For A Cruise...

Hey island girl! Did you splurge over Christmas on a little winter CRUISE? Have you spent the past 28 days feeling like ohhh our vacation is still aaaaaages away, and now it’s suddenly coming up fast and you still don’t know what to pack?! Eeeeek! Are you new to cruise vacations? Or maybe the idea of packing for a warm-weather trip when you are still in the thick of winter just seems overwhelming? Well, I’m here to help!! I sat down and did all the research for ya and consolidated it into One. Single. Blog!
Get ready to relax island girl 🏝... Here’s all the deets that you need to pack for your upcoming warm and tropical Cruise vacation:
Priority Number ONE: Pack what you feel the happiest in. Ok, Ok, this seems suuuuper obvious, right?! But I think us women often need a reminder to wear what truly sparks joy and leave the rest behind… Come to think of it! How about you rather Marie Condo your entire closet, because we don’t have space in our lives (or wardrobes) for “stuff” that brings us down!! Ultimately, vacations should be FUN and relaxing and rejuvenating our souls, so you should only pack clothes that emulates all of that. Be stylish, be comfortable, be vibrant, and always be true to your inner island girl ☀️😍🌴🐟🌊
Priority Number TWO: Check the dress code. Ok, lovely, this is important! You don’t want to be showing up to the buffet in your flip-flops if they won’t let you in without closed-toe shoes… That seems a little bit ridiculous, but you know what I mean! There may be certain restaurants onboard that require formal wear and you can never be too prepared when it comes to eating a delicious meal. So, go double check the details on your cruise information e-book right now, I'll wait 👉🏃‍♀️
Priority Number THREE: Try not to OVER pack. If you’ve never stepped foot on a cruise ship before, you may not realize just how teeny tiny the cabins can be… The last thing you want to be doing is cramping your limited space with too much luggage. Laundry facilities are most likely available on board, and I can recommend lots of wrinkle-free fabrics to pack, so you can avoid the iron! Plus, I’m sure you’ll do some shopping while on shore in all the exotic locations, so you want to make sure you are saving space for all your souvenirs! 🛍🙌
Priority Number FOUR: If you are traveling from a cold location, ALWAYS be sure to pack a warm-weather-appropriate change of clothes in your carry-on. Sometimes it can take a while for your check-in luggage to reach your cruise cabin, and you don’t want to be dripping in sweat while you wait for your swimsuit and Cool Cotton Tunic! PLUS, it’s always handy to have a change in your carry on, in case of lost luggage!! 😬🧳
Priority Number FIVE: Pack some warmer layers! Cruise ships can often pump the air conditioning inside, and the wind chill whilst at sea can also be chilly, so don’t forget to pack something a little cozier. A cotton cardigan doesn’t usually come to mind when packing for a cruise, but it’s truly an ESSENTIAL! My starfish burnout cotton cardi was designed especially for moments like these... Check it out here 👉 CLICK ME
Priority Number SIX: Make sure you consider all the onshore activities available when you are packing. Are you planning to do a lot of walking and sight-seeing? Perhaps a good pair of trainers will be helpful instead of hiking in flip flops. Are you excited for ziplining through the rainforest? A long pair of comfy Cotton Leggings would keep your legs protected!
Priority Number SEVEN: 
Pick up some little bottles from CVS and fill with a vacations worth of all your favorite skin and hair care products. Label them with a marker pen and pop in your toiletries bag. This will save you a TONNE of space in your luggage aaaaaand your hair and skin will love you for not using the terrible in-cabin soaps! 😜
Priority Number EIGHT: Mix & Match with your casual attire!! Yesssss, it's every island girls dream to trade in the snow boots for flip flops and big down jackets for a luggage piece filled with light clothing. Be sure to pack all your favourite beach skirts/skorts, and t-shirts so you can mix & match to create a new outfit everyday out of just a few key pieces! It's a genius way to make the most out of your light packing!! 💡🙌
Priority Number NINE: Beach Bag and beachwear... Because the sunshine, sandy toes and salty hair is whispering your name, island girl!! Pack smart and use your Beach Bag as a handbag or personal item for the journey! Once on board, stash your important documents etc in the in-cabin safe and repack for a day at the beach: swimsuit, coverup, sarong, SPF, sunglasses, poncho (☔️), wet bag, bug spray, hairbrush, makeup wipes for a freshen up, wallet, ID, travel insurance info, a little bit of cash, phone, phone charger, and a full water bottle!!
Priority Number TEN:  Ok, but really... A Cotton Sarong (or 3) is ALWAYS the top priority for us island girls 😉 You do not want to forget the most versatile island-girl essential for your cruise! Pop one in your carry on to wrap around your shoulders when the plane air conditioning is pumping. Dangle one over your beach bag straps to use as a towel after an impromptu dip in the sea. And always have a 3rd on hand for when the other two are in the wash or drying.
Now that you can pack like a pro, the only thing missing is your cruise ticket and you’ll be all set to go! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about your travels! Don't forget to document your packing skills aaaaand your trip in the Our Island Family Facebook Group.
I sure hope you found this helpful! Until next week, island girls... Keep on dreamin' those island dreams!
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My first purchase of your absolutely fabulous tunic was in Catalina Island , California on a cruise out of Los Angeles, CA. I still love my tunic and have worn it out ! Thank you for your incredible comfortable cotton tunic !

Karen Vega

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