Take a TOUR of our Starfish Tunic

Take a TOUR of our Starfish Tunic

Our number one seller for many years now has been our Starfish Tunic.  This tunic has been around forever, and we just come out with new colors each season, to work with the popular swimsuit colors for the year.  This year NAVY is the WOW color for swimwear, so we have the Navy Starfish Tunic.  So if you are thinking about buying a navy blue swimsuit to wear on your cruise or Caribbean / Hawaiian vacation, this is the perfect cotton coverup.

Now I wanted to give you a TOUR of this tunic, and explain to you why this style is SO good to wear on your vacation.  The first and most important thing to mention is the fabric.... it is FINE cotton voille.  No polyester, no nylon, no synthetic man-made fibres of ANY SORT, which means no sweating in fabrics that don't breath and no heat rash.  You just need to look at the photo above to see how light and flowy this fabric is.  

Below is a photo of my sister Amy in the crisp White Starfish Tunic, and yes you can see how lightweight and cool this fabric is.  Now perhaps you are worried about it being see-through, and the white is more sheer than the navy.  This is really not a problem when you are wearing this on the beach over your swimsuit and it is SUPER HOT.  However, if you were going to wear this in the streets or to go shopping, you would simply need to add cotton pants or a layering dress underneath it.  In this photo Amy is wearing it over our Vacation Slip Dress.


The neckline of this tunic is quite a high round neckline with neck ties, which gives you the flexibility to wear it tied up on more formal occasions, such as cocktails and sundowners by the pool, or dinner on deck under the stars.

When you are wearing the tunic on the beach or in more casual situations like around the resort pool, its easy and flattering to wear the neckline untied and open like this.

Now because some of us island girls like a bit of vacation adventure, we have added side splits to this tunic, so that it is comfortable to wear when hiking or biking.  Again Amy is wearing the tunic over the Vacation Slip Dress in this photo.  Which brings me to the length of the tunic.....

Amy and I are both TALL girls.... good Australian / Dutch blood makes us 5 foot 10".  So these tunics at 33" length for a size M can be a bit short for us to wear out n about - again its ok over a swimsuit but not out on the street.  So we often layer the tunic with this little slip dress underneath, or wear it with white capri pants.  So that Vacation Slip Dress is perfect for adding length if you are tall, or to help if you are worried about it being see-through.  Here is a photo of Amy and one of her island friends (who is 5 foot 6") and you can see where the length falls on them both.

And just so you can see how this tunic looks without these gorgeous girls inside them.  Here is a photo of the Tropical Blue Starfish Tunic on the hanger.  Pure cotton simplicity.

I do love this photo of Amy and her pooch going for a bike ride on-island....where even the roads are made of white sand !  YES, you know its time for summer when even white sand roads capture my imagination!!  

AND aside from all the FUN features of our Starfish Tunic, did you also know it is actually quite famous !!!!  YES last summer it was featured in British VOGUE!  Here is a photo of me just a little bit excited about that!




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