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The Middle Layer of Your Dreams: Why You Need a Lahaina Kimono In Your Life!

The Middle Layer of Your Dreams: Why You Need a Lahaina Kimono In Your Life!

October 07, 2022


Behind every great fall/winter look is some super stylish layering! It’s about staying comfortable as you shift between the warmth of a heated indoors to blistering cold outdoors. But it’s also about staying true to your inner Island Girl, and wearing clothes that make you feel happy, tropical, and vibrant! Why not add a fun middle layer if you are feeling stuck in your cold-weather styling habits? At West Indies Wear, I’ve got just the thing… Here’s my guide to wearing our Lahaina Tropical Kimono Coverup with these cold weather staples ⛄️
White Tank: A true classic that goes with pretty much everything, is easy to decide on when you’re rushing, and while it might not be “vibrant”, it is super flattering and comfortable… The vibrance comes next! Throw on a fun Lahaina Kimono to make your comfy white tank pop ⭐️🙌
White Tank
Fave Denim Jeans: Find a pair of jeans that completely changes your perception of pants. Find a pair that are comfortable. Find a pair that FEELS like they were created for your body. And when you find them… Well, don’t be greedy, friend! Share them with us hahaha Click here to share yours with Our Island Family FB group. Whether you choose white, faded denim, or black jeans, you can dress up any pair by throwing on a Lahaina Kimono!
Favorite Jeans
Active Wear: Do you live in your active wear during the colder months? Yup, me too! Whether I’m off to pilates in the morning, gardening, getting some work done, or catching up for an Earl Grey tea with a friend, I am totally guilty of wearing a good pair of tights from sun up to sun down 🙃 When I need an extra layer after stepping out of pilates class or just want to look a little more “put together”, I will throw on our island chic, Lahaina Kimono.
Lounge Wear: Is it just me or does cold weather also make you suuuuuuper lazy? 🤣 The sun is up and the alarm on your phone is telling you to get up but you are so cozy under the covers and that snooze button is lookin’ real good right now! Why not extend your comfort vibes throughout the day by styling your look accordingly? Throw a Lahaina Kimono over your cotton loungewear and fanciest Ugg boots to stay cozy all day 🥰
LBD: I’m more of a laid-back kinda Island Girl, so a Little Black Dress isn’t exactly a staple for me BUT I know so many of you are stylish little thangs and I didn’t want to skip past how gorgeous our Periwinkle Lahaina Kimono looks when paired with a LBD and some cute matching heels! What do you say, lovelies? Who’s up for an Island Girls night out?!
Ahhhhhh kimonos, kimonos, kimonos. Did I mention I’m a fan? These two little gems show up in so many of my outfits, across the seasons! It’s a staple in my life, an easy cover-up, a nice lightweight addition when the mozzies come out, and easy to throw on if it gets chilly in the evening! It’s open in the front for easy layering, long in the back to cover the bum (yassss!) And can even be dressed up for a dinner out (heck yassss!). 
Since I’ve been wearing and loving the Lahaina Kimono for longer than anyone else, I think I can speak to this QUITE CONFIDENTLY: This Kimono is for you.
If you’re looking for a way to style your laid back white tank, this kimono is for you.
If you’ve been wondering what you can layer with your new fave jeans, this kimono is for you.
If you want to feel pretty and vibrant in your active wear, this kimono is for you.
If you have ever felt bored with your Little Black Dress and want a pop of color, this kimono is for you. 
To put it simply, this kimono is for all of you Island Girls across all seasons. I can’t wait to see how you style it! Already got a Lahaina Kimono in your wardrobe? Show us how you’ve been wearing it, by sharing a pic in Our Island Family Facebook group. 
Looking to snag one for yourself? Click here to shop ❤️
One Love, Island Friends

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