What's in the Top 10?

What's in the Top 10?

At this time of the year, our Caribbean and Southern Florida stores have had our new collection in their stores for a couple of months, and they already know which are the best sellers.  

We thus find out what the BEST SELLERS from our new collection are, as our boutiques place their re-orders to fill in the sizes/colors on their rack that SOLD.

So for all our retailers who are still buried under a mountain of snow, and starting to plan their buy for spring.... here is a HUGE helping hand.....

A list of our 2019 collection TOP 10.

1. Coral Reef Tunic

2. New Turtle Love Tunic

3. New Turtle Love Sarong

4. Fireworks Turtle Tee Dress

5. Arawak Dress (remember this comes with a little slip dress underneath)

6. Aquarium Tunic

7. Bird of Paradise Tunic

8. Arawak Sarong

9. Ocean Tunic

10. Arawak Kimono



Click here to find a boutique carrying our line.

One Love x

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Include a conventional size chart for us older children! Love, Lila

Lila Youngs

I love your thin cotton tunics and I have several now (ie Starfish, Turtles, SeaShell etc) but I do find that the arm hole openings are a bit tight for the older ladies amongst us. Please could you make a range with deeper armholes or, even better, with Raglan sleeve seams. Here’s hoping.

Rosie Belben

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