Where are we being worn?

Where are we being worn?

It seems my complaints about sciatic agony is quite a common thing.... and I received SO MANY emails from our island friends over the last week, offering advice, love and prayers.  The best part though, was that a lot of you cheered me up by telling me where you are and that you are wearing my designs....

From Dawn...."I wore one of your dresses in Hopetown Abaco last week and more people wanted to know where I found such thin cotton. I told every person West Indies Wear".  Here is what Hopetown Abaco looks like....

From Cindy... "I am enjoying my 2nd day in Yosemite National Park and sitting on my porch next to the roaring falls wearing a West Indies dress."  Here is what the Roaring Falls in Yosemite looks like....

From Rocki... "My 3 tunics are my go to in South Texas heat."  I googled Rocki's town and this is what I see...

From Diane... "Wore my "star fish" top to church Sunday.   Love love love it." Let's imagine Diane in her Starfish Tunic in a quaint little island church.... I love island churches.

From Debi ..." I love your clothing and always look forward to seeing what’s new. I also love reading your stories and emails. I’m happy to have found your website. We spend lots of time on Maui in our island home (condo)...We love island life!"...  MAUI - yes we all LOVE Maui!

From Cindy "I wore one (of your dresses) tonight to a Jimmy Buffet / Hawaiian theme birthday party."  ALOHA CINDY !!

From Lorraine... "Went on a cruise to Hawaii.  Several women were wearing your STARFISH TUNIC (Navy & Turquoise).  It was lovely!  Asked one if it was West Indies Wear - she responded - yes from Turks & Caicos.  Couldn't help but just smile."  HELLLLLOOOOO Turks & Caicos, how stunning are you!

S0 after my 16 years of adventuring around the world, I am now back home in Australia, packing school lunches, getting my kids off to school, doing my design work during the day, and then driving my kids to swimming lessons & dance classes after school.... I find it so amazingly ironic that my designs are still out there adventuring with you guys, my island family.  I love that you share you stories with me.  I would LOVE to see photos of you in these exotic places wearing my creations, but I also understand your hesitance to share photos of yourself with the world.  Most of you, like me are 40+ and probably don't like photos of  yourself anymore.  It's silly isn't it.... we gotta learn to love photos of ourselves again.

My back is doing ok everyone.  It is a bulging disc and I am now over the extreme PAIN stage.  I am back up and about, but trying to be very careful to bend over correctly, not lift anything heavy, not sit for too long, do my stretches and keep my posture in check.  I am off to do my 2nd Australian tradeshow this week, and setting out on my 30 hour journey to Miami USA next week.  I can do this !!

Thanks for your concern and all of the "one love" you sent to me island friends

Grateful x

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