Not everyone loves to wear sleeveless dresses that show the tops of their arms. A lot of our island girl customers like to hide the tops of their arms, and that is where our classic Starfish burn-out cardi comes onto the scene. We have designed this cardigan with the starfish burnt into the fabric, so that the print is tonal and does not clash with prints of the dresses so you can wear it with so many of our dresses.

The cardi comes in 2 classic colors - white and pop-pink and also looks great worn with jeans and a white tshirt. So many ways to wear it.

Cotton Island Beach Dresses

Are you planning on a tropical island getaway and need breezy, flowy, and comfortable clothing? Or even just want to spruce up your closet with some fashionable island wear, ready for summer? Or are you after some lazy day dresses with a bit of style to them?

We understand the desire to have comfortable, light, and breezy dresses fit for those warmer weather climates and beaches. You want a dress that doesn’t stick to you; that allows for a soft breeze to cool down your sun-warmed skin.

You don't want to get caught out feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat because your dress is the wrong fabric. After living, working & sailing in the Caribbean heat for 10 years, I understand how that feels. You deserve to look and feel good. Now it's time for some FUN. Don't let your wardrobe hold you back!

Why West Indies Dresses?

That is where we come in. Our dresses are designed and manufactured by our personal designers from all-natural cotton fabrics with your desire in mind.

We do not compromise functionality for style, or style for functionality; rather we have combined the two to create stylish and cool dresses for summer for all our young at heart sisters, ready to be dressed up or down, or perfect for the beach.

We also understand that when you are at home, putting on pants is too much work – especially with summer approaching. You want a nice, flowy, cool dress to throw on, and voila, you're ready for the day!

Because our dresses don’t compromise functionality or look for comfort, they allow for you to laze the day away, cook, clean, and run errands all without needing to change. For those who need to keep their hands free but need to keep something with them, many of our dresses come with pockets! Dresses with pockets! Who doesn’t love that?

Enjoy your holiday stress-free in clothes you will love:

Unlike synthetic fabrics, West Indies Wear is made from 100% pure cotton; a fabric that is breathable and allows the heat to escape away from your skin leaving you feeling cool and fresh.
Get versatile outfits to wear from the shops to the beach or even dress them up and wear them out to dinner.
Look incredible. Feel confident.
When it comes to light, breezy, and comfortable women’s warm-weather clothing, nothing beats the perfect dress.

At West Indies Wear, we have a wide variety of island print dresses for summer just waiting for you! With a simple cotton weave, our dresses provide the cool comfort you need to survive the heat. Why would you choose those heavy, synthetic dresses?

When you are preparing for a vacation, the worst situation you can face is having nothing to wear. All your dresses are outdated, heavy, or not suitable for warm or island weather. Then when you go to buy some new dresses, all they have are clothes for the wrong season!

We understand the stress and concern you face; you deserve to feel comfortable, cool, and stylish without compromising on functionality.

Why Cotton?

Cotton is a simple and inexpensive textile with many benefits when it comes to clothing. Here are just a few benefits:

Moisture-wicking: when you sweat, the most irritating part is it leaving your skin feeling sticky and gross. Cotton quickly absorbs moisture on the skin and is then dried by the air, leaving your skin cool and fresh.
Won’t cling: in warm weather, the last thing you want is your clothing to stick to you. With cotton clothing, you don’t have to worry! Feel free to twirl without your clothing sticking to your skin. Allow your skin to breathe.
Hypoallergenic: since cotton is a natural fibre, the possibility of an allergic reaction or irritation is extremely low. Since it hasn’t been made with chemicals or plastics, you don’t have to worry about those nasties touching your skin.
Durable: cotton can withstand the wear and tear of life, whether that be rough play, slipping at the rock pools, or day to day life. The best part about using cotton for our beach clothing is that the fibres are stronger when wet! Beach and pool days here we come!

Won’t pill: do you ever go to wear your favourite piece of clothing only to find that it has pilled? It’s so frustrating! Especially dresses and skirts around the behind area. With pure cotton fabrics, you won’t find this problem! Be able to sit, wash, and play in your West Indies clothes for years to come!

We all love a good old cotton casual dress. We also love the ease of searching “dresses for Summer”, “island dresses”, or “vacation outfits” online. Luckily for you, your search has led you to the perfect site for all your beach and lazy day out dresses you can buy!

With the common comfort of cotton, you can rest assured that your dress will not hinder or hold you back from enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and smiles that will fill your days. Browse our range of styles suitable for all ages – from old to young, simple or stylish. We guarantee you will find the perfect dress for your days in the sun.

When it comes to the much-loved cotton casual dress, there is no doubt that they are not only part of the packing of vacation outfits but lazy beach days. Many women love the island dresses in their vacation outfits and as everyday cotton casuals for their simplicity, comfort and versatility. I have no doubt you are of like mind as well.

Our cotton casual island dresses are perfect for that stroll along the beach, protecting your body from sunburn, throwing over your swimsuit, or a day with friends.

We have styles to suit everyone:

For those who love to feel the breeze, try our Seaside cotton beach dress, or our sea fan cotton beach dress.
For a simple fit, our Atoll Dress, or Palm Tree Dress could be for you.
If you are looking for something more versatile, may we suggest you might try our classic pure linen AMY dress, so simple and yet so stylish.
All of these dresses look great worn with the Starfish Burnout Cardi.
It doesn’t matter your taste or style choice. We have something for you. With the durability and familiarity cotton fabric holds, you can rest assured buying online for you know what to expect. Take a browse today to find your perfect cotton casual island beach dress.