You no longer have to worry about finding good quality breathable cotton clothing to wear when comfort is your priority, we have comfort covered in FUN tropical prints for all of our island girl followers out there.

Is there anything cooler to wear in the heat than pure cotton? I am certainly hooked!

A cotton dress stands as a quintessential summer wardrobe essential, offering both style and comfort for women amidst scorching temperatures. A simple one item only wardrobe staple makes it an ideal choice to combat the sweltering heat.

Breathability is an important feature, enabling ventilation so your body can cool itself. Our lightweight cotton fabrics used in our skirts maximises air circulation around the legs, preventing discomfort caused by perspiration and overheating.

Are you planning on a tropical island getaway and need breezy, flowy, and comfortable clothing and beach dresses? Or even just want to spruce up your closet with some colorful island wear, ready for summer? Or are you after some lazy day clothing with a bit of "island style" comfort to them?

We understand the desire to have comfortable, light, and breezy clothes fit for those warmer weather climates and beaches. You want clothing that doesn’t stick to you; that allows for a soft breeze to cool down your sun-warmed skin. Fabrics that let the heat escape from your body. We use fabrics that breathe.

You don't want to get caught out feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat because your clothing is the wrong fabric. After living, working & sailing in the Caribbean heat for 10 years, I understand how that feels. You deserve to look and feel good. Now it's time for some FUN. Don't let your wardrobe hold you back!

Why are our dresses cooler?

Details ..... its all in the details.... we make our clothing in high quality pure 100% cotton fabrics, that are designed to let your skin breathe. These fabrics wash well, do not need ironing and are best worn in the tropical heat and humidity.

Who even knew there was such a thing!

Our dresses stand out for their fusion of vibrant Caribbean-inspired designs and high-quality cotton fabrics. These skirts are carefully designed with attention to detail, offering breezy comfort and unique, eye-catching coastal patterns.

With stylish and carefully chosen patterns & colors, you can rock your skirts at the beach and in the beachside cafes!

We do not compromise functionality for style, or style for functionality; rather we have combined the two to create stylish coverups perfect for the beach.

The versatility of our clothing is loved by thousands of women!

Perfect for chillaxing or adventuring as we head into warmer weather.

Stay comfy island friends x