What’s HOT for 2022?

What’s HOT for 2022?

My designer tip is that Hot Pink is HOT for 2022!

What even is hot pink? Hot pink is a shade of pink that is between light pink and dark pink.  Have you noticed that it's everywhere already, even in winter.... yes the need to BRIGHTEN our lives as we hopefully move away from a life centered around covid is happening!  Bright colors are here for Spring.... and you can find them HERE to shop now.
Everyone is into hot pink... from your newsreader and weather lady to the lady down the street.  Scroll on down to see a cute behind the scenes video of our 2022 photoshoot.


We recently shot the new 2022 collection on Australia's sunny GoldCoast.

Here is a little sneak peek behind the scenes at our 2022 Collection photoshoot last month.



JOIN me as I personally show you the new 2022 collection…. I will try things on and talk about fabrics and fits and show you everything.
There will be fun, laughter & giveaways 😍
This fun LIVE event is happening Thursday evening 10th Feb, 8pm  NYC or Friday 11th Feb, midday Sydney Time.... in "Our Island Family" Facebook group. 
First, click here to JOIN the group.
Next, click here to say you are GOING.
If you are not a FB fan, that's ok, .... you can watch it here, and be sure to put your comments below to be in the running for the giveaways.



According to Color Psychology "Pink is a positive color that represents compassion and love. Color pink is a sign of hope, and it evokes comforting feelings." after the last 2 years of change and uncertainty of the pandemic, we sure are looking for HOPE and POSITIVITY this Spring.


Bring it on!!

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Cotton is your fave fabric! ( But you love also to add linen to the outfit if 2 piece.)

Cathy Bouldry

You ship from Tennessee!

Cathy Bouldry

You live in: Australia?New Zealand(!) or Tennessee?.. Wasn’t sure which it was except I remember the manufacturing is in Tennessee, USA. But think it is New Zealand.. Love your energy and your vibrancy… I first started following you years ago… was referred by Cheryl Bow of Australia… She forwarded me your site years ago, when I was living in FL. Now in USA, New England.

Cathy Bouldry

Love the natural fabrics!
Giveaway answers: Australia, Tennessee, Cotton. Thanks!

Mara Carnahan

Hello from Toronto Canada

Barbara Webb

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