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Are you planning on a tropical island getaway and need breezy, flowy, and comfortable clothing? Or even just want to spruce up your closet with some fashionable island wear, ready for summer?

You can stop your search! At West Indies Wear, we understand the desire to have comfortable, light, and breezy clothes fit for those warmer weather climates and beaches. You want clothing that doesn’t stick to you; that allows for a soft breeze to cool down your sun-warmed skin.

You don't want to get caught out feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat because your clothing is in the wrong fabrics. After living, working & sailing in the Caribbean heat for 10 years, I understand how that feels. You deserve to look and feel good. Now it's time for some FUN. Don't let your wardrobe hold you back!

Enjoy your holiday stress-free in clothes you will love:

  • Unlike synthetic clothing, West Indies Wear is breathable and allows the heat to escape away from your skin leaving you feeling cool and fresh.
  • Get versatile outfits to wear from the shops to the beach or even dress them up and wear them out to dinner.
  • Look incredible. Feel confident.

After all those years in the Caribbean and most of it on a boat with no air conditioning. I know what it’s like to need clothes that are made specifically for hot, humid days.

I’ve made the mistake of wearing polyester in the tropics and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s why I started West Indies Wear, to help women just like me not make the mistakes I made.

There’s nothing like wearing the right clothes for the right climate.

Long cotton beach skirts

 Getting bit by sand on a windy beach shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the sun and sea. You deserve to have something to protect your legs while remaining stylish and comfortable, but easy to remove and slip-on.

From your search of “cotton long skirts online,” you have arrived at a website with a range of simple and stylish cotton long skirts online and available just for you.


A frock is often associated with baby clothes despite their versatility, style, and confidence it can give. Our site sells many styles of cotton frock for women. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to wear a dress, and a shirt is too short – this is where our cotton frock for women come in!

 Perfect length to cover up but not tangle, and with the addition of oh so comfortable leggings, they're the perfect choice for the beach or a relaxing day out. Check out our range now!

 Cotton dresses

We all love a good old cotton dress. We also love the ease of searching “cotton dresses buy online”. Luckily for you, your search has led you to the perfect site for all your beach and lazy day out dresses you can buy!

 With the common comfort of cotton, you can rest assured that your dress will not hinder or hold you back from enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and smiles that will fill your days. Browse our range of styles suitable for all ages – from old to young, simple or stylish. We guarantee you will find the perfect dress for your days in the sun.

Our head designer, Kim, isn’t just a lover of the tropics who understands the struggle; she has run our design department for over 15yrs! With over 28yrs of working in the fashion industry under her belt, it’s no wonder our products come out so stylish and are loved by thousands of women in America and Australia!

Kim has worked all over the world and was able to become a finalist in the Australian Fashion Industry Awards, which is a massive feat on her part! Our girl doesn’t just head our design department, she was also the head designer of Billabong South Africa! She has helped so many women feel good about themselves and what they wear.

Join women all over the world in wearing comfortable and stylish clothing that you will want to wear year after year! Dress up, dress down or throw over your swimmers. No matter the occasion, West Indies Wear clothing is perfect for any occasion.