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The Launch of the 2024 collection has now been completed.

We will start launching the 2025 collection in January 2025.

What is our VIP collection all about?

ONLY for those island girls who are members of Our Island Family group on Facebook and follow along with my design journey each year - I love to give you early access to new designs and new collections before they are made PUBLIC.

You'll get first access to each style as it drops onto the website, along with up-to-the-minute information on upcoming designs, deals even (🥁) freebies!!

Since the ladies in Our Island Family community tune into my lives each week, and help me with design ideas and feedback on existing styles, so that I can improve them.... it is only fair that this HIDDEN VIP collection is there for you!

I'm Ready to Launch!! 🚀


Are you a die-hard island girl who loves to get her hands on the brand-new West Indies Wear line as soon as it comes out? Or perhaps you're a full-blown island girl fashionista who is in the mood for a wardrobe overhaul?

I am SO SURE you're going to love the brand new collection and you know why? Because it was made for YOU! Inspired by Our Island Family, and a direct result of the live videos I have during the design process, and the polls I run where I ask for your opinions. Influenced by the gorgeous tropical destinations that we all daydream about. Motivated by comfort. Created with the vibrance that a true island girl embodies... I couldn't be happier with each and every new style, and I can't wait till you get your hands on it 🤗

How do you become a VIP?

Click this link in Facebook and ask to JOIN.

Thanks so much for helping to design it!!